What Is A Guardian Home?


Our Guardian Program allows local families to own/show a breed / show quality firefly puppy or young adult without the upfront expenses. 

Firefly dogs do not live in kennels or in pens in a backyard; our dogs/puppies live in homes with their families.  We look for families that will provide a loving homes with stability and consistency.  Most of the puppies/young adults will be females.  However, we do have a waiting list for male puppies.    The females are bred up to 3 times and males can stay in the program for up to 6 years.  Once your girl or boy is finished with the breeding program they will be spayed/neuter and remain with you, the guardian family, for the rest of their lives.

Puppies and young adults remain owned by Firefly's with full breeding rights until the girl is finished, and at that point they become the guardian family's dog for the remainder of their lives.  This keeps the dog from needing to be re-homed; it is a win win mostly for the dog to stay with the family that raised and has loved him/her.

Your dog will come home to Firefly's for a few days when its time to breed  and when ready to whelp they will return to Firefly's home for a retreat to have their babies. Mamma stays at the Firefly's home for 5-6 weeks or until babies are weaned.   During that time family's can vacation and enjoy time out. 

Families are always welcome to visit and hang out with the mamma and babies.

What is the responsibility of the Guardian Home

�€  Give lots of love and attention

�€  Training, socializing

�€ All Vet care and expenses 

�€  All costs that involve the daily care, food, shots, heartworm, and grooming expenses.

�€  The normal care of the puppy/young dog

�€  Guardian is to send updates and pictures for our web monthly.

�€  We ask that you bring your girl over to visit or stay a night so she will be comfortable when it

        comes to whelping

�€  Firefly will pay for all breeding related expenses


�€  Location-Location-Location within 1-2 hours of Kansas City, Missouri

�€  Must be a homeowner

�€  Fenced in yard (no underground physical fencing)

�€  Flexible schedule, dog goes to work with you or not left alone over 8 hours

        >Never left outside unattended!  Not left in kennels over 1-2 hours at a time except at night 

          when a puppy until 6 months of age.  (Kennels are hard on growth and joints)

�€  Keep female dogs away from intact males

�€  Don't allow female to be bred by intact males

�€  Training 

�€  Notify us immediately as soon as the female is in season (6-8 months)

�€  Male dogs available when needed

�€  Bring the dog to Firefly's when needed for testing, photos, breeding, and whelping

�€  Keeping females and males on a high quality food and heartworm protocol.

Required to have your male or female spay/nutered at the end of their breeding program.

>We are available at times for vacation setting.

>Fee for gaurdian program puppy is $1,200 This fee will be returned to you at the end of the breeding program as a thank you from us for being a great guardian home.  The dog will remain your dog for the remainder of his or her life.  You are responsible for everyday care, this is your family member, Firefly's has all breeding rights and we are responsible for all breeding related costs.  

What is in it for you?  You will be the proud parent of a firefly puppy! 

      Lorie is a very easy person to work with, you will be a big part of her family. 

Go to Gaurdian Application Page to get on the list for your new family memeber!  

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