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Firefly's Goldens aims to provide the finestest services in the most comfortable environment.

We are always here to lend a hand, or give a suggestion.  We are only a phone call, or text away.
Our Location

Conveniently located, in different area of Kansas City, MO

What do we offer

* Basic beginner puppy training

* Potty training

* Beginner leash training

* Beginner set, down, stay 

* Beginner Retrieve Training

* Prep for AKC Canine Good Citizen 


* Beginner Rally Training

* Obedence Training

* Track training

* Scent 

Come Relax and Learn

Training Tip

I hear more owners dealing with problems on the leash.  when your dog is walking you, instead of the other way around, it takes the fun out of it.  A pup should walk at your side or slightly behind you with a loose leash. Tension creates tension.  If you are always pulling on your pup they will always be pulling on you.  If your pup starts getting ahead of you, do your correction of behavior growl or say no, and tap on the leash to get them focused where they should be and then relax the leash again.  Be patience and be consistant. 

If you need more tips or training please reachout to Firefly's.